Some Safety Tips For Trucks Repair

For a safety engineering, it is necessary to follow all these steps. In any operations, you need the serviceable carbon-dioxide fire or two. The fire can arise at any point. Trucks often may catch fire generally without external actions. During the repair the probability of a fire increases. By the danger of short circuit (removal of the generator, a starter and etc.) disconnect the accumulator battery! In any cases you mustn't work under the truck raised only on a jack!!! The jack may fall, remember it. The support is mandatory. Hold the truck on a neutral or on a parking with a raised hand brake. Put the stops under the wheels. If you will use a drill or a belt-sander, protect your eyes.



Working with varnishes, paints, solvents, etc., protect eyes and use a respirator. Use the gloves always, when it's possible, except for cases of work the moving parts nearly (belts, shaft and so on). Be careful with the moving parts - belts, the fan, wheels, shafts, all these parts may cripple you easily. Use only the serviceable tools. Disassembling the removed parts and details, fix them qualitatively.


Any truck needs to repair in cleanness. Sand and poplar seed tufts don't help your repair with any devices. The garage is necessary. Wash your truck before repair. Clear all parts before disassembling, so that a minimum of dirt may get inside. Clear dirt off with a brush, a vacuum cleaner, blow the grains with a compressed air, but exclude the penetration of sand, dirt and so forth on the disassembled units and mechanisms.


Correct and bright lighting is absolutely important for repair. For the application of a bright light it is easier to make out small defects or flaws, it's easier to work. The risk of not to see anything is less. It's obligatory to organize good bright and steady lighting at your work place. Remember, light and outlets are with what the equipment of any garage begins. It's possible, that using bright lighting, you will find out in your truck the devices or the details, about which you didn't suspect earlier.


So, the tool is necessary. What tool? Here everyone solves. The prices of professional tool sets will upset anyone. But we have to remember that qualitative tools should be expensive. Constant use of the low-quality tool leads to damage of hardware almost always. Frequently the replacement of the damaged details and hardware, after attempt of repair by such "tool" may be much more costly than the purchase of the qualitative tool. Remember, that carbon steel is attackable, keep the tool in cleanness, wipe and oil it after each repair. Planning any repair, think of the list of the tool which is necessary for this work. It is better to provide for every possible situation and to buy all that it is necessary at once, then at the last minute. Buy and use that tool which is necessary for the present work!

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